sanctuary noun

  1. A sacred or holy place.
  2. A place of refuge.


When you arrive at my studio, I will welcome you with a warm smile, then invite you to freshen up with a brief shower if you wish. This is a wonderful way to come back into the present and into your body, if you are arriving at the end of a long day of responsibilities.

We begin our session with a few moments of relaxed conversation. This is an important time for you to leave the stress of your daily life behind. It also gives me a chance to learn more about you. I will want to know how you're feeling, get an update on your current relationships, and hear your goals for our time together.

Once I understand your desires, I will lead you into the Sanctuary. Here, the glow of candles and the warm aroma of incense create a luxurious, sensual environment. As the curtain closes behind you, you will find yourself wholly present in this place.

I will give you a moment of privacy to disrobe. As you sink into the comfort of the massage table, I will enter the room and begin a ritual of silent blessing of our time together. My soothing voice will lead you in meditation, conscious breathing, and guided visualization all while my hands caress you with touch.

Soon you will find yourself in a state of bliss, floating weightlessly between waves of arousal and relaxation. From there, depending on your intentions for the session, I will use my hands, my body, my words, and my spirit-energy to bring about what you seek.

If you are part of a couple, I extend a special invitation to you both. The Sanctuary is a safe, loving environment where couples can discover new ways of enjoying their relationship together.

Come! Explore with me!

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