Tantra Classes in Seattle!

Interested in exploring the principles and practices of Tantra, and meeting other explorers? Check out the Mokṣa Tantra meetup group to find local classes on White and Red Tantra.


Welcome! My name is Pandora Rose, and I am a Tantra practitioner, or dakini. When you choose me as your dakini, I become your partner in pursuit of your best self.

As a dakini, my role is that of intimacy coach and conscious sexuality educator. My approach blends relationship guidance, sex education, attention to energy (also known as chi or qi), and spiritual direction all with a focus on experiential learning. I provide my students with the embodied knowledge they need to manifest more fulfilling relationships, deeper intimacy, and emotional and spiritual abundance and multiply your pleasure potential.

How, you ask? During our sessions, I use words, touch and energy to coach you in your awareness of thought, emotion, breath, sensation and energy movement especially as it applies to your physical experience. I help you learn how to step out in authenticity and confidence in both your everyday life, and in intimate encounters. Through your experiences with me, you will expand the love and satisfaction you can bring to your partner.

As you step through the curtains and into the Sanctuary, you will feel surrounded by my warmth, acceptance and open-hearted love. I w1ll awaken you to experience every moment authentically, consciously and joyfully, and to live true to your heart and your purpose.

  • Do you feel there is something blocking you from realizing the emotional and physical fulfillment you know is possible?
  • Do you want to prepare yourself to find your perfect partner?
  • Would you like to fully appreciate every delicious nuance of pleasure?
  • Would you like to discover ways to rekindle the spark with your spouse?
  • Would you like to learn to prolong your lovemaking as long as you desire, and to control ejaculation?
  • Are you a woman who is intrigued by female ejaculation, but unsure whether this might be something you could experience and enjoy?
  • Are you intrigued by the Tantric practice for men of riding multiple waves of orgasm, without ejaculation?
  • Would you like to broach the idea of new experiences to your partner, but don't know where to start?

In my role as dakini, I guide people in all of these areas, and more. Each of my sessions is tailored to the needs of the individual (or couple). I invite you to get in touch with me and let me know your unique needs and desires.

All of the elements of my work are part of an ancient spiritual practice called Tantra, which I approach from my personal perspective as a follower of Jesus. I have integrated my Christian faith with an openness to helping others experience the full potential of their God-given sexuality. I feel it is my gift and my calling.

I welcome you to visit me! The Sanctuary is a safe and sacred place to explore, learn, and grow.